Our Services

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Kitchen Cleaning & Dusting

Countertops and appliances are sanitized, cobwebbing and dusting from top to bottom, cabinet exteriors washed, hardwood and tile floors are vacuumed and washed including baseboards, trash emptied.

All décor is dusted, windowsills and edges are wiped down, ceiling fans and vents are vacuumed, blinds are vacuumed and wiped down per request.

Vacuuming and Mopping

Our crew members use Miele brand vacuums. Miele vacuums include an air HEPA filter, sealed Miele HyClean dust bag system which reduces all dust pollens and pet hairs in the home. All rooms including, laundry and pantry, are vacuumed. Baseboards are always dusted and wiped down. Hardwood/tile/ vinyl floors are mopped with special floor cleaner.


Bathroom Cleaning

Bathtubs, toilets, and showers are scoured with bleach free products. Pumice stone is used for any toilet rings or calcium build-up around sink drains. All glass is cleaned with ammonia-free cleaners and sinks are sanitized and faucets, including knobs, are polished. Windows and window sills are dusted and wiped down. All baseboards and floors are vacuumed. Floors are hand washed around the base of toilets and mopped through floors. Trash is emptied. Cabinet exteriors are washed and switch plates/outlets are cleaned and free of smudges.


Additional Services

Move in/Move out cleaning is tailored to each individual household. Some of the additional services include vacuuming inside of all cabinet interiors throughout the residence, all appliances are sanitized, blinds are dusted and vacuumed.

Post-construction cleaning is a messy job! Since there is a lot of dust and dirt left behind from construction work, these jobs usually take a bit longer than a regular maintenance cleaning. Let us take care of your newly constructed or remodeled home so that all you have to worry about is moving.